AEI is a Saudi Registered company founded as an independent ‘honest broker’. Our aim is to increase the accessibility to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for foreign companies. Free from political associations we support our clients to explore the Saudi market unimpeded by any influences other than their own strategy and ambition. We are not an agent, distributor or middleman but instead provide the infrastructure, services and guidance needed to succeed in what is widely recognised as a difficult yet rewarding market.

What makes AEI different?

All our staff have been selected for their superior performance, commitment and capability above the norm in Saudi. Our staff receive above average remuneration for this market as well as periodic external training and a commitment to their continuous development from their line management. In this way we have found, grown and kept the best talent available in Saudi Arabia. We pride ourselves on having an excellent, dynamic and proactive team down to the most junior member. We believe in our people encouraging them to grow as the company grows. Our approach has been effective as we have had virtually no staff churn.

We provide a unique incubation process including end to end life support following our Decide > Deploy > Deliver model. Hence our clients are enabled to explore and engage the market armed with relevant knowledge from experienced, independent professionals based in Saudi and putting them on a level playing field at a cost that makes the return on investment decision simple. Once you are established in Saudi the AEI incubation process is complete.

The Team

From our Directors to our Support Staff everyone in the highly motivated and effective AEI Team are dedicated to supporting the success of our clients in Saudi Arabia.

Our Partners

As well as our full time employees AEI works closely with a number of Partner companies who rely on our products and services in Saudi for their membership and end users.


We bring true value to our client’s efforts to break into and successfully deliver in the Kingdom. However don’t take our word for it, see what our client’s said themselves on our References page.


Our tailored facilities are designed to expedite our clients growth in Kingdom as well as reduce the costs of achieving that growth. Find out more about our Executive Residencies and Enterprise Incubators.

Case Studies

Doing business in Saudi takes time. But with patience and perseverance comes reward. Our Case Studies page highlights our most significant successes on behalf our clients.


AEI has provided services to companies from New Zealand to Canada and everywhere in between. Some of our Clients are shown here.