AEI works with several overseas networking organisations and partner companies. These companies help to expand our global reach and rely on us to provide the best in Kingdom services available for their clients.

Catalyst Services LLC

Catalyst Services LLC Catalyst Services USA

Catalyst is AEI’s only exclusive partner. They provide their US clients life support services in Pakistan, the UAE, Saudi Arabia and elsewhere across the Middle East, South Asia and Northern Africa. A number of unique personal security solutions and capabilities put them ahead of the crowd for preparedness in such precarious geographies.

New Zealand Trade & Enterprise

New Zealand Trade & Enterprise

NZTE is the New Zealand Government’s international business development agency. Their purpose is to help New Zealand businesses grow bigger, better, faster in international markets.

Saudi Business Incubator Network

BADIR established the Saudi Business Incubator Network (SBIN) in 2009 with the aim to support the development and capacity building of the business incubator industry within the Kingdom. There are currently 45 members in SBIN, and with BADIR’s continuous efforts to support the establishment of new incubators, this number is expected to grow.

UK Trade & Investment

UK Trade & Investment (UKTI) works with UK-based businesses to ensure their success in international markets, and encourage the best overseas companies to look to the UK as their global partner of choice.

Kinetic Cubed

Kinetic Cubed provides high quality trade development, inward investment, and international innovation expertise to the private and public sector. We have a deep understanding of global markets and a local presence in Europe and Asia.

The Middle East Association

The Middle East Association (MEA) is the UK’s leading business forum for promoting trade and investment with the Middle East and North Africa. Founded in 1961 and based in London, the MEA is an independent, not-for-profit membership association, representing around 350 organisations from all business and industry sectors.

Global Consulting Network

The Global Consulting Network (GCN) is a worldwide group of business development, market research and competitive intelligence consulting firms that offer best-in-class expertise in select industries and markets. The Network was established in 2004 by Global Strategy, Inc., a boutique consulting firm specializing in partner, product and technology search, market development, and business intelligence consulting.

Farnham Castle

Farnham Castle Intercultural Training

Farnham Castle Intercultural Training (FCIT) is generally acknowledged as one the world’s leading providers of cross-cultural skills, regularly delivering Global Leadership training and Global Mobility programmes to international and expatriate employees of many major global organisations.


Expansionem is a global professional service company opening up international growth opportunities. We offer a simple solution for your business, expanding your operations overseas in a cost effective manner. We connect you with our local knowledge experts and use our industry expertise to drive business growth. Expansionem works exclusively with AEI in Saudi for adding value to our global clients.