What kind of market insight can we provide?

From our macro geopolitical assessments to specific sector or even bid intelligence, we work with you during initial scoping and confirm if we have the access you require. Our contact networks are extensive so we are normally able to quickly demonstrate value. Our geopolitical insights are second to none in the Kingdom.

How do we do it?

We use an industry standard process to collect and cross reference information sources from across the market. Using this process overlaid with our senior staff insights allows us to provide accurate suggestions and recommendations with attributed references where necessary. Much of our most useful information gathering comes direct from face to face conversations with carefully selected persons of interest or special relevance from among our networks.

How much does it cost?

Each Market Insight brief we receive is assessed individually and then priced based on how much AEI senior management time we estimate will be required to gather useful information. We can provide Market Insight on a continuous basis using our Retainer model, or on a pay per report basis.