Sample VisaTo do business in Saudi Arabia, you need to get to the Kingdom and most nationalities will need a visa.

How difficult is it to get a visa?

The visa process can be difficult but our goal is to make the process as hassle free as possible. We’ve never had a visa application rejected and we know the process well.

Within 3 working days we will supply you a Letter of Invitation allowing you to apply for a single or multiple entry / exit visit visas as required.

Your Business Independence

AEI is a dedicated market entry consultancy helping our clients to connect with the market and the right local Saudi partners for their businesses. If your company is going through the process of evaluating and selecting the right local partners, do remember that sourcing your visa from an ‘independent’ third party such as AEI, puts your initial negotiations on a much stronger footing.

What about residency visas?

We do not supply residency visas (also known as ‘Iqamas’). However we can provide advice on the contractual frameworks and commercial registration process required that would allow your business to eventually secure a visa block for these.

Or our Manpower Service is an ideal alternative route to employing staff with ‘Iqamas’ on the ground in the Kingdom.

How much does it cost?

Our Pricing page shows our price for the above services and our Process Guide gives all the details of our visit visa service and its paperwork requirements.

Recently, the Saudi Government announced new visa duration options and fees. Please see this blog post for further details.