AEI is delighted to announce the first deployment of a BeaverFit Tactical Gym Box (TGB) in our Residency, Riyadh. Situated outside our conventional indoor gym this product offers a hardcore, high impact alternative to a regular work out for our flow of residents as well as a live demonstration unit in the heart of the city for potential Saudi end users and customers.

BeaverFit is a British institution of strength and conditioning equipment. They design, manufacture and distribute training equipment specific for strength and endurance development in all athletes, supplying equipment to crossfit gyms, the military, educational sector, sports clubs, rehabilitation centres and much much more.

AEI will be arranging and performing demonstrations of the unit across a number of Saudi government organisations and ministries headquartered in Riyadh over the coming months. The unit is jeep portable for demos outside of Riyadh. If you are interested in the BeaverFit TGB or would like a demonstration, please get in touch on [email protected].

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