One year ago AEI was born and it is perhaps a testament to our success that we are so busy we almost forgot our first birthday! But with nearly 40 clients from 10 countries across 4 continents, over SR1.5m of revenues and investments, 6 full time staff growing to 7 in January and the addition of our Residency to our Incubator – we can perhaps be forgiven. It’s certainly been an exciting 2013.

Our website will soon be undergoing a significant overhaul including details of our biggest 2013 success stories from supporting our clients to achieve their first sales in Saudi to pulling off some impressive in-Kingdom marketing and exposure coups for others thereby laying the foundations for success in 2014.

However none of this would have been possible without our loyal and supportive clients. So we would like to say a big thank you for both your faith in us throughout our journey so far and also your advice and guidance on how we can help you ever more effectively going forward.

THANK YOU and here’s to success in 2014…

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