Does your company need a boost to its IT skills, from your middle managers or even your directors?

The success of running any project or even a company can come down to something as simply as how well the management understand the real detail of the figures and numbers behind their business and how well they can communicate those numbers to others.. Microsoft Excel is an excellent, if not essential tool useful at any stage of any problem. A good spreadsheet can be behind the successful delivery of a project or can get that investor to agree with your valuation of your company or business plan. No spreadsheet or even a bad spreadsheet can sink you before you even had a chance!

Over the next few weeks AEI are running essential internal IT training in Riyadh for our own managers, starting with our “Shortcut to Excel Mastery” course on Wednesday 12th March. Given by a Prince2 certified practitioner with over 10 years project management experience. Sensing the need locally from our partners and clients through to our suppliers, we have decided to open this day long training to others at a bargain price of just SR1,500 per student. The Shortcut to Excel Mastery course syllabus includes:

* MS Excel basics (data entry, data manipulation, keyboard shortcuts)
* Using formulas and expressions
* Formatting and clear presentation (from graphs to tables and printing considerations)
* Worked Example 1: Building an Excel Calendar Tailored to Your Business Needs
* Filtering, sorting and searching
* Advanced formulas and simple macros
* Worked Example 2: Building an Excel BD Pipeline Tailored to Your Business Needs
* Questions & Answers (do you have a specific problem you’d like Excel to help solve?)

If you would like to attend, please get in touch.

Notes: Only 10 places are available and students will join 2 AEI staff also receiving training. This training is designed for those with limited or no experience of Excel and will be run in English using Microsoft Vista and Excel 2007, (although all elements of the syllabus are equally applicable to the other major releases of Excel). Students are expected to bring their own laptop with a version of MS Excel installed. The course will be run on Wednesday 12th March from 10am to 3pm at the AEI Residency, lunch is included. Payment is required prior to attendance.

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