Although DSEI 2015 is already behind us, many UK companies are still talking about the success of last year’s leading defence and security event. With over 32,000 attendees and 1,600 exhibitors, the 4 day event offered corporations from a wide range of industries to create new relationships and explore new foreign markets.

Arabian Enterprise Incubators was on hand offering foreign market entry consultations and showing global companies how easy and effective it is to enter the market in Saudi Arabia under their guidance. AEI Saudi can help these companies decide if the market is right for them and create a strategy that enables them to incorporate Saudi Visas, market reports and hosted market visits to give potential clients a first-hand look at the benefits of the Saudi Arabian market.

DSEI 2015 - Seminar

The AEI Saudi team took a part in the event’s many seminar and briefing programmes and gave keynote speeches on the wide range of unrivalled business opportunities available in the defence and security industry. DSEI 2015 received record ministerial support and attracted an unprecedented level of UK Government support involving the Department of Business, Innovation & Skills; Foreign & Commonwealth Office: Home Office and the Ministry of Defence.

With the unprecedented success of this event, and the importance of the defence and security industries, more companies are looking to enter the Saudi market for expansion and new business opportunities. By creating local Saudi offices and a local workforce, AEI can help businesses enter the Saudi market and become more successful while remaining cost effective and efficient.


Photo (left to right): Adam Hosier (Founder Director), JT Foster (US Consultant), John Lockwood (Head of Consulting), Stuart D’Souza (Chief Executive Officer), and Ed Tanner (Service Manager)

The Saudi Arabian market is full of opportunities for foreign businesses and contacting AEI Saudi will help you enter this market today.