Are you going to Arab Health 2017? If so, you’re among 4400 international exhibitors who see the value of “looking east” to expand their market for goods and services. The UK is committed to assisting companies who are interested in entering the market in the Gulf region and the wider Middle East, both domestically through the International Trade Advisors (ITAs) and abroad through Department for International Trade (DIT) offices in embassies around the world.

If you’re looking towards the Middle East, look no further than Saudi Arabia. Comprising 25% of all Middle East and North African GDP, it really is the elephant in the room in terms of opportunities for British companies.

Although the Saudi market can seem impenetrable from the outside, the Kingdom is changing fast. With a 2017 healthcare budget of £26.5 billion, there are ambitious plans to open up the health sector to private investment, and public-private partnerships are on the agenda in line with the recently introduced “Vision 2030”.

As DIT Riyadh’s in-country services delivery partner, Arabian Enterprise Incubators (AEI) is hosting a free webinar on Tuesday 24th of January for all new and returning visitors to Arab Health 2017, focussing on “Doing Business in Saudi”. Saudi has never been easy, but the rewards justify the effort, and we look forward to sharing with you the best ways to achieve success in the Kingdom.

To register click the link below – all that’s required is your name and email!

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