Mohammed bin Salman - Vision 2030

It has certainly been an extraordinary week or two in Saudi on the back of what had already been an exceptional year for the Kingdom so far. It is hardly surprising that we have produced over 100 market insight reports on the current state of play in the Kingdom in just the last 10 days!

If you would like to get hold of a report please contact Freddie and he will make the necessary arrangements.

It never ceases to amaze me just how many experts and academics pop up to pontificate over Saudi current affairs and who, within seconds of their commentary beginning, reveal the depth of their knowledge, experience and understanding to be, at best, shallow and usually utterly lightweight.

In some cases they have never even been to the Kingdom!

I am lucky enough to have lived here for 12 years and am part of a team who all have similar depth of experience; we’ve actually delivered business in Saudi and we’ve built broad networks of companies, partners and friends.

Of course, no one knows everything that is going on, but there are a few key points which we expand on in our reports:

  • Beware of conflating the Cabinet Reshuffle news with the Anti-Corruption Investigation news – not everyone involved in the reshuffle was necessarily caught up in the investigation.
  • The reshuffle was expected and indeed a necessary step in re-positioning the Government to deliver Vision 2030.
  • There is more change to come!
  • Riyadh is not on lock-down and the security situation has not changed; the extent of inaccurate news reporting is incredible.
  • Talk to Saudis and you will hear that they are fully supportive of the Crown Prince.

The importance of independent and informed advice has never been greater. If you want to double check where your current partner fits into the changing landscape in Saudi then please get in touch, and equally if you are thinking about doing business here, we can help!

If you want to hear the Saudi Government’s view on pretty much everything that has happened in the last weeks and months then watch this interview with the Foreign Minister. It is 14 minutes long but well worth it.