Nearly three years ago to the day, we were contacted by the team at EC English Language Centres as they looked to expand upon their existing business in Saudi. Back then they were hosting many Saudi students at their language schools around the world, but they thought the Saudi market might be changing…

Working with AEI to help inform their overall Saudi strategy, EC English soon realised they were right. Now, their English tuition to Saudi students has developed beyond purely foreign ‘immersion’ training; the focus has expanded to include teaching at schools inside the Kingdom itself. From helping them validate their Saudi strategy through to sponsoring an employee on the ground in the Kingdom for them and supporting them through the process of finding a Saudi partner, AEI has been at EC English’s side throughout their Saudi journey.

So we are delighted that EC English have now opened their doors in Riyadh! EC Riyadh is their first school in a non-English speaking country and is specifically designed to meet the needs of students who may not have the opportunity to experience a full immersion program abroad. We wish them every success for the future and look forward to seeing EC Riyadh flourish in the years to come.

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