It’s true, time flies. In some ways it really doesn’t seem possible that just over six years ago we launched our first physical Saudi service in the form of the Olaya Residency (OR).

Many readers will be familiar with the OR and will no doubt be saddened to hear that it is closing. It was the mainstay, quite literally, of AEI throughout 2013 and 2014 and it was where we developed our entire accommodation offering and much more besides. It was also the place where Stuart and I first lived in AEI’s infancy; we entertained our clients there, indeed rescued some of them from other less than salubrious accommodation, and we did a lot of business development at that dining room table. Our first OR guest even moved in before we officially opened and ended up helping us to assemble the last of the flatpacks (fear not Richard, your beloved pool table will be considerately rehomed)!

But all good things must come to an end; sadly, we have taken the difficult decision to close the OR as we have simply outgrown it. We’re now running our own compound in Riyadh (we’ll announce more about this soon) and we still have the DQ Residency in addition to other compound accommodation across the Kingdom.

Hundreds of clients have passed through the doors of the OR and we would like to thank them all for making the OR a success. I’d also like to invite any of them to comment on their stay via this article!

Finally we would like to thank all the AEI team who have worked at the OR over the years; the chefs, house-keepers and Residency Managers – they made the OR a true home away from home.

As times change and as AEI continues to move forward, I suppose there will be more of these days to come – though hopefully not too many. And now with over 150 employees, we are most certainly continuing to move forward.

– Adam and Stuart


Turki Al Sakran

All the best Adam and Stuart. I am one of the first people entered the OR doors and i was there in your starting days. You have made a great and remarkable success over the years and grown very rapidly. You are the real example of success made by passionate, teamwork, persistence, har work, smart work and you have made your way forward. What you have done in 6 years, many companies do in 60 years. I wish you all the best and much bigger and better future. Keep growing and you have my full support.

AEI Saudi

Hi Keith!

Well – you can come and join us for a game any time up at the KASB compound 🙂

But I think that old dartboard may well have been replaced by now..

Hope you’re well,

– Adam


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