The Ministry of Education has made an announcement that Saudi women will now teach Saudi boys from the ages of four to eight years old in public schools. The decision will affect 1,460 government schools across the Kingdom and will account for 13.5 percent of young males.

The private education sector in Saudi Arabia made this change over a decade ago and the General Department of Education in Jeddah has hosted workshops with senior figures in the private sector to share their experience with public institutions.

Suaad Al-Mansour, Assistant Director General of Education in Jeddah told Arab News that “The Ministry of Education aims to improve the efficiency of the educational system and ensure that every child has access to quality education around the Kingdom.” It is expected that two billion Saudi Riyals can be saved from the education budget with this decision.

One of the main driving forces behind the change is the desire to make full use of the public education system in Saudi Arabia, and there is a target to increase children’s enrolment in public kindergarten schools by 21 percent this year.

This is a great example of the Vision 2030 programme in action and highlights the cultural and social changes that are being put in place as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia moves into a new era.

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