“AEI has been our local delivery partner to Q5 in Saudi Arabia from day one. In the beginning, Q5 approached AEI for Market Entry advice. This advice proved to be critical, not only from a company investment perspective but also in terms of operational delivery best practice; detailing how to approach and deliver in the Saudi market, provided key insights into allowing us to mobilize quickly, efficiently and navigate potential pitfalls.

When we initially looked at the Saudi Market, we approached the British Embassy in Riyadh for advice on how best to approach the host of opportunities that were available. They sent us to their trusted delivery partner AEI. AEI quickly identified where Q5 could add real value to the Vision 2030 and to the private sector. They also identified that we would need support and they were not wrong.

As a result, AEI provided bid management support which was essential to our success. While we were still based in UK, AEI supported and coordinated the bid locally on the ground in Riyadh. In addition to providing commercial and contractual advice, AEI also handled document translation services, the coordination of the bid bond, and legal attestation with the Saudi Chamber of Commerce as well as organising the printing, binding and quality assurance of all bid related documents.

Within three months of Q5 approaching AEI, a completed bid was submitted. Within a further month the contract had been awarded and the mobilisation of our UK team could begin. We needed to mobilise quickly and with AEI on board, they managed all our visa, accommodation and transport requirements to allow us to get boots on the ground and capitalise on the progress that we had made.

After successfully mobilising the team in Riyadh, it was very clear our partnership with AEI was adding value. We agreed on the scope and scale of the long-term support services that Q5 required, dealing with all the background noise that comes with operating in a country like Saudi Arabia. Allowing us to focus our efforts on the key aspects of the project.

Further to AEI providing flexible, safe accommodation to our consultants – allowing them to land on their feet in what can often be an intimidating and challenging environment AEI developed a dedicated managed transport service, allowing our staff to move around the city in the hands of professional, experienced drivers who are well versed in the unwritten rules of the Saudi roads.

We have a designated point of contact for any operational or delivery queries; which has also proved to be invaluable to our UK corporate team – knowing Q5 people are in safe hands. As our presence in the Kingdom evolves, AEI continues to provide business intelligence and development support, identifying potential projects that can add to the Q5 portfolio and further secure our place in the market.

As Q5 grow, we are keen to ensure that we maximise the use of local talent. AEI provided the advice and guidance to our recruitment plans, identifying and targeting experienced resources who came straight onto the project and started performing from day one.

In essence, AEI was responsible for our ability to mobilise safely and effectively. Maximising our operational delivery efficiency and compliancy.

We really could not have done it without them and would recommend them to any company looking for success in Saudi Arabia.”




Nick Mathew – Q5 Partner

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