As many of you will have seen in the news there has been another big step taken in the Kingdom. Saudi has allowed 49 nationalities to apply to visit the Kingdom as tourists in order to enjoy unique experiences like the UNESCO World Heritage site at Mada’in Saleh.

Citizens of countries allowed to use the new Tourist Visas will be entitled to a one-year visa and entering the Kingdom for up to 90 days at a time and a maximum of 180 days spent in the Kingdom in a whole year. This announcement is fantastic and a great step in the right direction, although it has not come without conditions. For instance we are still recommending that if you intend to perform any sort of business in the Kingdom that you should apply for a Business Visa and not try to use one of these new Tourist Visas. Although enforcement appears to be lax at the moment we have already heard reports of people not being allowed to enter government buildings for meetings under these visas and we expect enforcement to be enacted at any time i.e. the Tourist Visa really will be for tourists only.

We will be discussing such monumental changes as this at the Opportunity Arabia 2019 event in London next week (Wednesday 30th October) and we look forward to saying hello to many of you then..


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