As of the 16th March, the Saudi Arabian government has put the following procedures in place to slow the spread of COVID-19:

All government workplaces will be closed for a period of two weeks; excluding health, security and military sectors.

All commercial stores will be closed with the exception of pharmacies and super / hypermarkets.

All cafes and restaurants will enforce a policy of no dining in, food and drinks can be ordered to be taken away or delivered.

All public gatherings will be temporarily banned including parks, beaches, resorts and campsites.

All auctions and auction activities will be temporarily banned.

All government departments will be enhancing their online offerings to prevent the unnecessary mixing of peoples.

All workplaces are encouraged to allow employees to work remotely where possible.

All persons are to follow a strict quarantine period of 14 days for those displaying COVID-19 symptoms or those who have recently arrived in the Kingdom.

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