In November 2020, AEI Saudi will be 8 years old.

And what a journey these last eight years have been! In this time we’ve grown from a handful of employees working out of borrowed office space in Riyadh, to over 170 full time employees working from multiple facilities across Riyadh as well as satellite operations all over the Kingdom. We’ve also been delighted and extremely grateful for the opportunity to work with over 1,300 client companies from all over the world – and counting!

In many ways our rapid growth has been a mirror of our clients’ own paths in Kingdom, many of whom have themselves experienced similar results. Because while often frustrating and at times even unfathomable, for those who persevere, the Saudi market can also be rich in opportunity. Large scale, step changing and long term contracts are the realistic and achievable targets here; no one trick pony projects before packing up and returning home. Saudi rewards those who take the time to understand it, in a way that few other markets can.

So how best to describe AEI’s journey over this time? Perhaps with a picture:

AEI's 8 Year Journey

AEI’s Route to 2020

From the opening of our officers’ mess style Executive Residencies back in 2012, each catering for a dozen or so individuals, through to managing the life support for anything up to 300 expats at any one time in the Kingdom, or even running national Sports Day Educational Outreach programs to tens of thousands of Saudi school girls all around the Kingdom; it’s hard to truly capture the breadth of our journey over these few years. Suffice to say though, it’s been some ride so far.

The eagle eyed will notice the oil prices shown changing each year in the above diagram. Clearly the global oil price is fundamental to the rate of works in the Kingdom, but it is also true to say that we’ve not had a quiet year in any of our 8. The Kingdom might seem slow moving to those on the outside and in some ways it is, but on the inside nothing could be further from the truth. The dynamism and entrepreneurial spirit within the market is astonishing.

And where next for AEI? Well our latest, greatest venture is the total renovation and refurbishment of a previously unoccupied 173 villa compound north of the city centre; KASB City Compound. This low cost, high quality compound aims to take the principles that have made our Executive Residencies so popular, to a whole new scale.

KASB Compound Lease Discounts

It is hence a pleasure to offer all those in need of accommodation in Riyadh a special discount available throughout November, as a small token to also help you celebrate AEI’s 8th Birthday with us:

  • Using the coupon code KASB8for8 on any communication with our KASB Management Team will allow us to provide you a 5% discount on our all inclusive lease rates for any unit type at the compound throughout November 2020.
  • For any purchase of 5 or more unit leases, we will increase this discount to 8% for each unit on the list!
(Note: This coupon offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer or referral commission).

So what are you waiting for? Get in touch to enjoy a viewing of our new compound. With the lowest prices per m² in Riyadh (and that’s before this special offer), our excellent facilities and vibrant community – we are confident you will want to join us on our Saudi journey too…

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