Who are we?

Arabian Enterprise Incubators (AEI Saudi) is a market entry consultancy and life support services partner registered in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Founded as an independent ‘honest broker’, we are free from political associations and are not an agent, distributor or middleman. Our aim is to provide the infrastructure, services and guidance needed to succeed in this difficult yet rewarding market.

How did it all begin?

Having lived and worked in Saudi for over a decade, Adam and Stuart set up AEI in late 2012. Both had worked for multinational corporations and local Saudi companies and, through this experience, recognised the need for an interface to assist others in finding a route to market in the Kingdom. From humble beginnings, with only two members of full-time staff, AEI has grown to around 100 employees and a client base of more than 800 companies.

I came to Saudi to see the world and in my own small way, bring part of it closer together. But as a process-driven engineer at heart, I was frustrated by my early Saudi years. Sure, I made good progress, but even with my company’s multinational clout it sometimes felt like two steps forward, one back. I also kept meeting people going through the same trials and tribulations. So with my co-founder Stuart, we decided to fix it; Saudi market entry was simply a matter of applying process along with the right knowledge, networks and foresight to avoid the mistakes so easily and oft made in Saudi; AEI was the result.

Adam Hosier, Founder Director, AEI Saudi

Ever since our inception, we have striven to provide our clients with the best possible foundation upon which to grow and succeed. Our Enterprise Incubator has been integral to this, but over time it has also meant the opening of new Executive Residencies, the expansion of our Consulting Practice and most recently the development of our Manpower Services department.

What makes AEI different?

We select all our staff for their superior capability and passion. We provide employees with external training and above average remuneration in Saudi. We pride ourselves on having a dynamic and proactive team, from our SMT down to our most junior member of staff. Our low staff churn rates, unusual in Saudi, demonstrate the efficacy of our approach. We value, above all, our team and the AEI family.

We will get you winning in Saudi, you will need housing, you will need transport, you will need visas, phones and everything else; rest assured that you have the most highly motivated and experienced market entry support partner available in Saudi Arabia.

But don’t take our word for it, hear it from our clients.