Below we’ve grouped some of the references that AEI is proud to have received from our customers against the different phases of our Decide > Deploy > Deliver model. A selection of the clients we have worked with are also available here along with further testimonials.


Saudi Legislation Exploration

“I recently returned to Saudi to work as a consultant in Riyadh having previously been based in the Eastern Province.

Adam, Stuart and the AEI team have been a great support to me as I have attempted to unravel the complex regulatory world surrounding my particular area of interest. They have a sound understanding of Saudi – the culture, the government and private industry – as well an impressive network of contacts to help their clients which really added value to my work.

Overall a very good experience and definitely value for money, I would be happy to recommend AEI’s services for any foreign company or consultant seeking to do business in the Kingdom.”

– Independent Consultant, Mining Sector


Saudi Accommodation and Networking

“My diary is usually full whilst I’m in Saudi and so I find myself on the road meeting clients and developing business. Although Saudi is a particularly fruitful market it can be wearing and initially I based myself in a hotel for 2 or 3 weeks a time and used taxis to get around.

Having first approached AEI as a potential client I soon realised their services offered a solution to taking away some of the stress of doing business in Saudi and in particular The Residency is a great base to have in Riyadh. I do feel very comfortable there and I firmly believe that AEI as accelerated my plans for the Saudi market place by 6 months.

I’ve been coming to Riyadh for the last few months – but I’m pleased to say that I only felt I had ‘arrived’ after I met AEI and become a long stay guest at their Residency.” 

– Senior Consultant, International Financial Consultancy


Saudi Shipment Delivery

“I met Adam outside a restaurant in Riyadh around the time he setup AEI. He suggested I use the AEI incubator for the day. Since then my company have progressively used more of AEI’s services, from supporting my Saudi partners to providing me a home away from home when I’m in Kingdom. AEI provide a sense of security and simplicity to operating in Riyadh.

I was particularly pleased with an urgent request I made to AEI’s Saudi broker service that allowed me to expedite a shipment to an important customer as well as reduce demurrage charges. One call to AEI over the Saudi weekend saw the equipment released by the end of that working week. I’m pleased to recommend AEI to anyone looking for capable and cost effective on the ground support in Kingdom.”

– CEO, UAE Based Electrical Unit Manufacturer and Distributor


Saudi Strategy Consultancy

“After AEI successfully performed a small but specific task to help us find additional exhibitor clients for one of our events in 2012, we’ve since used them for strategic advice particularly regards issues requiring cultural sensitivity. We are a public listed company operating globally and enlist in country expertise like AEI to help us understand and mitigate the unique business challenges we face.

As we run up to our 2013 event I hope to use AEI to support our in Kingdom sales efforts once again.”

– Event Director, UK Based International Events & Exhibitions Company


Saudi Deployment and Partnering Support

“We embarked on our strategy to penetrate the Saudi market using a local Saudi partner early 2013. This relationship proved ideal for specific purposes. However we found ourselves in need of additional logistics support from a company we knew could ‘get the job done’ without supervision and to a high quality in Saudi.

We selected AEI based on their experience working and delivering projects in Saudi. We soon found them also able to increase our business options through their extensive contact network. I am very happy to recommend AEI to other companies contemplating doing business in Saudi.”

– Country Manager, British Security Design and Consultancy


Saudi Bid Composition

“We urgently needed some high quality manpower and process support for an important technical bid we decided to participate in at short notice. Knowing Stuart and Adam well I contacted them for their input from AEI.

AEI helped our 7 company multinational consortium create a professional 80 page technical bid, run a full stakeholder peer review on its cost model and finally ensure that we met all the Saudi tender regulation and compliance aspects of the submission in just one working week from beginning to end.

The consortium was very impressed with my choice of local professional services partner and I will be using AEI again.”

– CEO, Saudi Security Integrator