Easigrass – Consultancy

Easigrass were recommended to AEI by another client who had conducted a successful Hosted Market Visit (HMV) with us and were now established in the Kingdom. AEI supported Easigrass' first visit and Easigrass are also on their way to becoming an incumbent Saudi supplier for their unique product.

Constellis – Support Services

Constellis were provided little notice by the US government for deployment of a UOR team to Riyadh. They turned to us as a trusted provider of secure accommodation and transport and gave us a week to make the arrangements. The team stayed with us throughout their 6 month tour.

Working Links – Support Services

When Working Links and AEI met in 2014, the conversation was straight forward. Our Executive Residency solution was able to half their accommodation bill while at the same time considerably improving their in Kingdom employee's home and social environment.

Defence Client – Manpower & Support Services

A global engineering and project management consultancy utilised our Manpower Services to expedite deployment of a multidisciplinary network communications team all around the Kingdom. We managed all aspects of the deployment logistics including the staff payroll and regulatory compliance.

Stanley Consultants – Support Services

Stanley Consultants needed to deploy a team to a remote Saudi location for a multi-year project. We sourced appropriate, if basic, local facilities and renovated them to our Executive Residency standard including provision of concierge, communications, cleaning, transport and laundry services.

Ramsden International – Consultancy

Ramsden International secured a Saudi contract on their very first visit to Kingdom, a visit which happened to be researched, managed and hosted by AEI Saudi. Since this first Hosted Market Visit (HMV) Ramsden have returned more than once for further HMVs opening even more doors for them.

KBR Global – Consultancy & Support Services

KBR is a huge organisation with thousands of employees in the Eastern Province and multiple Saudi registered companies. However even with this footprint they recognised there was still more to learn.. We were engaged to support KBR with facilities in Riyadh as well as on going market insight.

IPS Converters – Consultancy

IPS Converters Ltd, a premium manufacturer of disposable medical wipes, visited the Kingdom for a Hosted Market Visit (HMV). The provision of all services by AEI, including visas and accommodation, helped ensure a smooth visit that left them with an instant qualified pipeline of prospects.

Network Rail – Support Services

In 2017 AEI began running a managed vehicle service for Network Rail Consulting, including new 4x4s, uniformed drivers and a 24/7 dispatch service. This was followed soon after by a compound management service and procurement services for all NRC employees in KSA.

Portas Consulting – Support Services & Manpower

June 2015 saw Portas Consulting enter the Kingdom with AEI initially supporting their accommodation and transport. Since then, AEI has provided Portas with Saudi commercial advice and most recently, the ability to employ staff locally as their footprint in Kingdom has continued to grow.