BeaverFit is a British company that design, manufacture and distribute mobile training equipment; specifically for strength and endurance development in all athletes. BeaverFit supply equipment to crossfit gyms, the military, the education sector, sports and athletics clubs, rehabilitation centres and many more.

BeaverFit first began their relationship with Arabian Enterprise Incubators after meeting at a trade show in Dubai. AEI Saudi instantly recognised the potential the “tactical” BeaverFit products had for success in Saudi Arabia.


Initially BeaverFit enlisted the support of AEI in the Arabisation of their brochures and advertising materials, helping them better connect with their target audience throughout the middle east. AEI then suggested they ship out a Tactical Gym Box (TGB) to Riyadh, as an export process pipe-cleaner but also to allow AEI Saudi to showcase the product live to clients in Riyadh. This particular gym box is now in regular use at the AEI Olaya Residency. Having a physical example of their product in the Kingdom was a great opportunity for AEI to invite potential BeaverFit customers to view and demo it including Saudi Generals from the Saudi Arabian National Guard, Ministry of Defence and Ministry of Interior.

BeaverFit then requested AEI Saudi’s more proactive sales support. After training received at BeaverFit’s Shropshire headquarters in the UK as well as the provision of useful sales kit such as an iPad mini with BeaverFit instructional app, Ali Ibrahim the project lead assigned, proceeded to meet with numerous hotels, colleges and gyms throughout Riyadh including one of the Kingdom’s first ladies gyms. Ali showed the target clients the BeaverFit catalogue and invited them to demonstrations at our Residency.


Within three months BeaverFit had their first Saudi shipment heading towards KSA for three different clients, and a whole new market was opened. Following this success, BeaverFit have received two further orders simply from client referrals from the first shipment while AEI Saudi continue to raise awareness of the kits. Hence within 5 months of requesting AEI’s support they found themselves with a new repeat business stream and opened a lucrative market at very little cost.

‘We hadn’t seriously considered the Saudi market before meeting AEI Saudi. We thought it would be too difficult hence too expensive. However they made winning our first orders there simple and fast.’

Dave Pullen, Sales Director, BeaverFit

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Beaverfit's shipment to Saudi Arabia

BeaverFit Shipment to Clients in Riyadh and Jeddah


Military Gym

Tactical Gym Box in use at AEI’s Olaya Residency