Constellis is a multinational organisation providing services in the security field, from guard services to cyber solutions. Working in support of the US Embassy in Riyadh, Constellis was asked to deploy an engineering team to Riyadh at very short notice.

Having come across AEI Saudi previously, Constellis contacted us to supply them with immediate accommodation and transport solutions to enable their team to deploy within the next week.


We were able to provide the team immediate services from our Olaya Residency and this straightforward project looked complete.

However, two weeks later the US Embassy issued new security guidelines and wanted to move the Constellis team within the security cordon of the Diplomatic Quarter. Constellis was presented with a fait accompli of moving the team to specific hotels situated on or near the DQ, at roughly three to four times the cost of the AEI solution.

AEI does of course also have a facility on the DQ, however it was fully-booked at the time of this change in requirements. However, thanks to the flexibility of some of our other guests, who agreed to move to the Olaya Residency for a few months, we were able to offer Constellis compliant accommodation from our DQ Residency.

Sadly, another difficulty befell the Constellis project three months later, when one of their project staff suffered a medical emergency while at the DQ Residency. Thankfully the Residency staff were able to raise the alarm immediately and the member of staff was in a local ER within 15 minutes of the incident occurring. He has since fully recovered and returned to the US. During this time the Constellis senior management back in the US headquarters were extremely grateful to our staff for supporting the member of staff through this difficult time, including visits to his bedside from our Residency Manager.


Although a seemingly straightforward requirement for Executive Residency suites along with return transport to the US Embassy, this project highlighted some of the best aspects of our extraordinary flexibility and responsiveness to both an emergency situation and a very particular change in requirements.

Truly an exemplary group of folks whose commitment to excellence was daily lived out on my behalf. Quite a sad moment on leaving such stellar folks. I will indeed miss each and every one!

Ryan Gossett, Consultant, Constellis