Ben Bloomfield with the AEI Consultancy Team


Easigrass is a British manufacturer of high quality artificial grass for residential and commercial use. Renowned for producing one of the most realistic and well-made artificial grass products in the world, the clients of Easigrass include the BBC, Harrods and IKEA.

Building on a successful network of franchises in the UK, Easigrass had developed a substantial market presence in the UAE and were keen to find a partner to help explore the opportunities in neighbouring and significantly larger Saudi Arabia. Another client of AEI recommended Easigrass get in touch with us, as the most effective and responsive route to market in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


After discussions between AEI and Easigrass, it was agreed that a Hosted Market Visit (HMV) would be the ideal starting point. The AEI Consultancy Team spent a month researching the landscaping sector in Saudi, which involved finding and pre-qualifying a number of potential partners and distributors for the Easigrass products in the Kingdom. This research culminated in a three-day visit by Ben, the manager of Easigrass in the Middle East, where AEI was able to organise meetings with end users, such as designers and architects, as well as potential partners and distributors.


Since then Easigrass have firmed up business plans and are moving forward in creating a lasting business relationship in the local market. On subsequent visits they have enjoyed the continuing assistance of AEI through various life support services, such as the AEI uniformed driver service and comfortable, cost effective accommodation in the Olaya Executive Residency. Easigrass intends to rely increasingly on AEI as they build their business in the Kingdom, with advice on how to manage the business relationships with their new partners effectively.

‘…we knew that Saudi was the big market for us, and with the help of AEI we have been able to turn those plans into reality in 2017. All of the hassle of entering a new territory was removed, and we are able to concentrate on doing what we do well without the usual challenges.’

Ben Bloomfield, Easigrass