CSC provide a number of staff in Kingdom supported by the US FMS funded Warfighter program. In 2013 they contacted AEI seeking assistance for a range of life support functions for one of their larger teams. This was to be AEI’s first multi-year contract.

CSC contacted their overseas support partner Catalyst LLC, our partner in America. With Catalyst, we set to work on providing a cost effective all round support services solution for the team.

AEI Saudi have gone the extra mile to support our CSC delivery team in Kingdom. With the project now entering a 4th successive renewal year, we know our client is extremely satisfied.

Hunter Obrikat, Contracts Manager, Catalyst Services LLC


The first aspect of the work was a full and comprehensive FMS price evaluation exercise conducted by the US Government. Although standard routine for any large FMS project, this was new territory for AEI. However, evidencing our objective of delivering professional solutions at lower than market rates, the US government confirmed that our price was in many cases, lower than prevailing market rates.

To reduce the spend profile, we worked with CSC to provide a ramped build up of their staff arriving in the Kingdom. Hence the first were housed in our Executive Residencies, before being moved to compound accommodation some months later.

AEI ended up providing the following services for the CSC team:

  • Compound Management Service (CMS) for the entire CSC team. A suitable compound location was jointly agreed taking many factors into consideration, from security to price.
  • Transport Service. We provide a number of saloons for the team to self drive. With our vehicles’ rigorous safety inspections as well as full ownership history, CSC knew that they had a better quality of transport solution than typically offered by other providers in the Saudi market.
  • Duty Manager Service. For a three-year project for staff who had never previously been to Kingdom, we deployed 24/7 duty managers to ensure that, no matter what or when anything happened, the CSC team had local support. From the occasional road traffic accident to a member of staff overstaying a visit visa, we are always there for the team and help to keep their project delivery running smoothly.
  • As part of the package, AEI was able to provide CSC with a local CR (entity) framework as well as consultancy advice on local commercial aspects such as securing a visa block for the team.
  • Finally, we supplied all the team’s local communications, from phone SIMs to broadband internet routers for use at home or in the office.


The project, although anticipated to be three years in duration, was recently renewed with us for a fourth year as CSC continue the job of supporting the US government to support the Saudi government under the Warfighter program.

In a testament to our long-term performance and value we have also been contacted regarding the provision of similar support but at a greater scale for a follow-on program to Warfighter.