IPS Converters met AEI at the Going Global exhibition in London. They wanted help opening up the Saudi market to their range of bespoke, specialised sterile wiping solutions for the medical sector. Due to the very tight niche of their product range it was decided that although background research would no doubt be useful, the quickest way to validate and hence likely also most cost effective way, would be to dive straight in with a Hosted Market Visit.


In the course of a three-day Hosted Market Visit we were able to introduce them to end users and decision makers at King Fahad Medical City to endorse their product range before going on to meet selected importers and distributors in this field.

‘… I’d like to thank you, and all the team for organising and facilitating my visit which surpassed all expectations. We’ve got a great opportunity now to build on the positives from the initial meetings and AEI Saudi have got us off to a great start.’

Ian Davies, Director, IPS Converters Ltd

By the second day IPS realised that Saudi was not the nightmare that they had been expecting, and in fact all of their preconceptions were indeed misconceptions.


From this single short visit, IPS were able to positively validate the Saudi market for their products as well as begin building the foundations of a comprehensive local partner matrix. We expect to see Ian back in Kingdom soon as the distributor network starts to work for him, rather than the other way round.

‘Accessing and validating the Saudi market was far easier than we initially imagined, in many ways even simpler than the UK. In the space of three days we met with a wide range of potential customers, clients and partners and are looking to opening up a profitable new export market’.

Ian Davies, Director, IPS Converters Ltd