As one of the UK’s leading retail consolidators, Ramsden International were already well established in the UAE when they turned their attention to Saudi Arabia, the largest regional market that accounts for 70% of all retail purchase in the Gulf towards the end of 2016.

Ramsden approached AEI after hearing about our work for Kraft Heinz Watties in the Kingdom as well as other food consolidators based in the UAE.


After some prelimary research, Ramsden decided to proceed an AEI Hosted Market Visit.

Our specialist consultant with over three decades of experience in retail and logistics was able, in the course of four days, to introduce Ramsden International to various importers and distributors as well as the key points of contact in several major Supermarket and Hypermarket chains in Riyadh, Jeddah and Dammam. This was an accelerated programme that involved extensive travel in this vast territory and would simply not have been possible without the preparation and programming made possible by the years of hands on experience from our Riyadh based team.

The outcome of the visit was to confirm and identify awide range of business opportunities that exist for UK goods in this fast expanding retail market, which is seeing a growing demand for UK and other international brands. Surpassing even our own expectations, this first visit even resulted in immediate business..


Ramsden International secured a Saudi contract on their very first visit to Kingdom, a visit which happened to be researched, managed and hosted by AEI Saudi. Since this first Hosted Market Visit (HMV) Ramsden have returned more than once for further HMVs opening even more doors for them and building an ever longer, qualified list of Saudi opportunities for them.

‘Thanks very much for your time while in Saudi ….  It was a very valuable trip thanks to your considerable efforts and insights along the journey.’

Scott Taylor, International Business Manager, Ramsden International