Early in 2016 Stanley Consultants contacted AEI via their US based, foreign life support services provider Catalyst Services LLC. Stanley needed an all round solution for a team of 2 to 6 people deploying to Al Kharj, some distance south of Riyadh, at some point to be determined later that year. Catalyst had performed a similar project with AEI in the equally austere location of Hafr al Batn just a couple of years previously so were confident in our ability to delivery once more.

One complication was that the start date would only become known at the last minute. Hence we were relied on to continuously source suitable locations that could be used with a moments notice, but without making any actual commitment until the Saudi end user gave the word. Other aspects such as vehicle and comms equipment provision were all more straight forward, though equally as important once word was received.


Lounge Before and After

Al Kharj Lounge Before and After Refurbishment

Final preparations began for the construction of a new Executive Residency in Al Kharj in September of 2016 after formal notice to proceed was issued by Stanley Consultant’s Saudi end user.

We had 2 months to complete the work of procuring and converting the villa location selected to an appropriate Western standard and fit out as well as suitable upgrades to all the security aspects. Finally the new Residency needed staff to be relocated from AEI head quarters facilities in Riyadh hence instantly providing the same excellent service levels as at any other AEI Executive Residency.

The new Residency has 4 bedrooms, large living room, top end kitchen with attached dining area and a compact but well balanced internal gym. All areas were upgraded with powerful split ACs given the extreme temperatures this part of Saudi can rise to. Outside, the guests have a half basketball court, BBQ area and enough room to kick a (soccer) football around when its cool enough!

The Residency Manager Jills was originally located at AEI’s largest Executive Residency on the Diplomatic Quarter in Riyadh. However he relocated along with his assistant Thomas to manage all aspects of the Residency operations and supporting services in Al Kharj.


From making breakfast to ensuring the guests have an excellent evening meal, their rooms are tidy and laundry is ready, our staff allow the Stanley staff to focus on their primary objective; their project delivery in Al Kharj. Equally important is the safety and security net provided by AEI’s provision. From immediate attendance and support on site for a random tyre puncture through to dual redundant comms solutions in place, the Stanley team know they are not alone.

‘Jills and Thomas have been wonderful to us and the entire Baker-Stanley team here appreciate all that they do.’

Doug Dingwall, Stanley Consultants Inc.

Finally there was the cost consideration. Our whole solution was a lower price than any of the other accommodation and transportation solutions available in the local area, as well as more professionally delivered and with an added layer of safety and security consideration. Once again we were able to meet our aim of “providing more for less in Saudi”.