DBS for a Cyber Security ClientWhat is the Doing Business in Saudi paper?

AEI designed the Doing Business in Saudi (DBS) paper to give a concise overview of the Saudi market. It is perfect for any businesses looking to maximise their export potential. It outlines market fundamentals and lessons that the Consultancy team has learnt over five years of Saudi business winning. The report, written after an in-depth download to our Consultancy team, is tailored to you and your product or service. This prior discussion will enable us to answer any sector-specific questions you may have.

What does it contain?

As well as tailored advice, the DBS contains general yet up-to-date market insight made possible by a continued presence on the ground in Riyadh and by the network of contacts maintained by the AEI team. In a country with a pace of change as rapid as Saudi Arabia, it is all too easy for knowledge to be out of date. We therefore designed the DBS to give those both new or familiar with Saudi pause for thought on how best to prosecute this difficult yet rewarding market. Also included is vital advice such as why a “Saudi Partner Matrix” is preferable to exclusive relationships in the Kingdom. The guidance given will depend largely on the sector and your preferred international business approach.

What will it achieve and how long does it take?

The ultimate goal is to ensure you can make the most of the opportunities available in the Gulf’s largest market. It will equip you with the necessary knowledge, such as information regarding import or licensing, to make an informed decision about how you wish to move forward with your Saudi business aspirations. After the “Initial Download” meeting with our consultancy team, it normally takes less than 2 weeks to produce your bespoke DBS paper.

Can AEI conduct more in-depth market research?

The Doing Business in Saudi paper only gives an initial overview of the Saudi market. However, the Consultancy Team can conduct more in-depth market research with our Route to Market Strategy (RMS) report or alternately specific market research and questions can be answered with a Bespoke Research Report.

How much does it cost?

Each paper is priced individually but typically costs around one day of a consultant grade’s rate as per our Pricing.