What is a hosted market visit?

The HMV is our best selling tailored programme of partner and client meetings, seminars and events put together by AEI in response to the specific needs of the client.

At the core of the HMV is rapid market validation; typically over just a few days in Saudi, AEI will take you to meet with potential partners, clients, end users and experts from your sector thereby allowing you to decide whether or not the Saudi market place is ready for your product or service.

Equally, the HMV gives you the opportunity to evaluate your company’s readiness to enter the Saudi market place.

Throughout your visit the AEI consulting team are on hand to support and accompany you. All visits start with a business fundamentals brief which includes general security and cultural aspects. We also provide answers on commercial, legal, tax, compliance and other such specific areas of interest. Sometimes but not always run after a DBS Paper and or prior to a RMS Report the HMV is an extremely effective way to kick start or reinvigorate any company’s engagement with the Saudi market.

What is involved?

Each Hosted Market Visit consists of the following:

  • Dedicated AEI team member ensuring smooth logistics from your visit visas prior to travel to the moment you fasten your belt on the return flight.
  • We recommend target meetings based on your visit duration, your Saudi developmental stage and your key objectives.
  • Meeting targets (clients, partners, end users etc) are approved by you before we make contact.
  • Hosted escort to meetings unless requested otherwise. This covers those rare situations when translation is required, or just when you need to know what was being said between those present.
  • All logistics from airport pickup and daily transport to Residency accommodation and meals are provided.
  • Post visit follow up with the meeting targets.

If any of the above are not required, for instance if you prefer your own particular hotel chain in Saudi, then these items are simply removed from the final price.

How is the HMV different to a mission or delegation visit?

The HMV is focused on you; there will be no other clients and so each visit agenda is tailored specifically to you and your company. One of the greatest challenges that a “mission” faces in the very conservative Saudi market is that the meeting targets are espeicially reluctant to speak freely in front of groups. Our HMV specifically mitigates this problem to provide immediate feedback and ideally tangible next steps agreed directly with each target.

How long will it take to prepare?

Once our consultancy team is fully briefed on your service or product and your preferred approach to international business, they will then need around a month to research and prepare for your visit. During this time they are researching, contacting and pre-qualifying the best possible meeting targets for your few days. Immediately prior to the visit they are recontacting those targets and ensuring that there is no “Saudi Rescheduling” about to happen as you land. Please note that the team are often heavily booked in advance, so if possible it is best to plan for at least 2 months from first contact with AEI to your actual trip date.

How much does it cost?

Each visit is priced individually and broken down into components from our standard Pricing, all of which can be flexed as required. So if you already have visas or prefer certain hotels, you can simply remove those items. A typical HMV includes: Visas, Accommodation, Transport, Business Fundamentals Briefing, a number of Hosted Meetings, Visit Prep and Research.