RMS written for IPS ConvertersWhat is the Route to Market Strategy?

Naturally the right answer depends on your sector and the product or service you offer. However an RMS report normally runs to between 30 and 40 pages and ensures that all bases are covered.

It includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Up-to-date market information for your sector
  • Characteristics of the Saudi market
  • Different Route to Market options available for your company
  • Your potential distributors or partners
  • Challenges
  • Legal considerations

Furthermore, we develop and articulate a system of trigger points to map out appropriate next steps for your company, inside the RMS. These could include opening up a local office or employing staff on the ground if market presence is essential or it may be that you could simply run an effective distributor partner matrix from afar. The answer is different for every client. What is true for all is that our process will help you to translate genuine commitment to the Saudi market into growth within the Saudi market.

Why choose a Route to Market Strategy?

Although the opportunities abound in the Kingdom, we recognise that Saudi can be a challenging market in which to conduct business. Therefore, we have designed the RMS report to give you and your internal stakeholders peace of mind before committing time and resources to tackling the Saudi market. AEI will produce a detailed, justified plan with associated financials while also setting realistic expectations. This is vital to avoid corporate fatigue as business winning can often be slower here than in other markets.

When should a Route to Market Strategy be carried out?

We would generally recommend conducting an RMS after you have been to visit the Kingdom either independently or on an AEI Hosted Market Visit (HMV). This ensures both that you fully understand the reasoning behind our recommendations and that you can use the experience to inform your approach going forward. However, we can also conduct the RMS on its own before any greater commitment of time or resources.

How much does it cost?

Each report is priced individually and broken down into a number of consultancy days, at different grades, as shown on our standard Pricing.