We provide a number of solutions under retainer. Such solutions include:

  • BD & Sales Retainers – Helping you to find and win business in the Kingdom.
  • Market Intel Retainers – Making sure you have the information you need, before you need it.
  • Delivery Retainers – Slick, effective delivery performance from staff that know the market.
  • Network Development Retainers – Jump start your in Kingdom networks by piggy backing on ours.
  • Commercial Support Retainers – Instant Saudi commercial familiarity avoiding the many pitfalls the unprepared fall into.
  • Tactical Support Retainers – When you need an instant team for that urgent Saudi bid, we can help you to make it a win.
  • Strategy Support Retainers – Tactics without strategy might win a battle but won’t win the war. Let us guide you to success.

Please ask us if you think our staff can provide any other kind of retained service.

Why choose the retainer approach?

Unless you have staff in country it can be an expensive exercise to either travel to kingdom or outsource activities on a temporary basis to third parties who require initial training and then constant supervision. By working with AEI you can rely on a team that grows to best understand your needs until such time as we handover to your in Kingdom staff.

How do we demonstrate accountability?

All our retainers provide periodic reporting to suit your needs and allow you full control and oversight. In this way you can feel comfortable what progress is being made and that it is being done in the way you want it done.

How much does it cost?

As much or as little retainer effort as required can be purchased from AEI on a man-day basis. Hence for a particularly time-consuming requirement you may choose to purchase more man-days but they may be of a lower grade, or you may need high grade input but only for a day or two a month.