Although we are able to work in any Saudi sector, our core sectors are where we have a specific and intimate knowledge. Each core sector has a dedicated team lead from among the AEI Team. They maintain a constant watch on their particular area making sure we, and hence our clients, stay as up to date as possible.

Saudi Defence Sector

We have a deep understanding of the Saudi Defence sector from the key client stakeholders to the large ecosystem of local supply chain and multinational primes. We believe we are one of the top experts in this area from across the Kingdom.

Saudi ICT Sector

Having created several ICT companies himself and worked in the sector for over 30 years, AEI board member Fahad Al Anazy provides the foundation for our expertise in this broad field in Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Security Sector

From our detailed organisational charts of the Saudi Ministry of Interior to our well established Partner Matrix of influential local companies in the security sector, we are able to speak with certainty in this area.

Saudi Medical Sector

Our dedicated sector lead is Turki Juraid who has spent the last years working at hospitals and specialist medical research facilities throughout the Kingdom. With an extensive network of distributors and resellers covering every facet of the medical sector supply chain, we support our clients with their medical sales questions.

Saudi Training and Education Sector

This sector is undergoing an explosion in scale and requirements from the hugely successful King Abdullah Scholarship Program to the mandates to massively increase vocational training capability and through put in the Kingdom, we have provided input to many companies in this area.

Saudi Agricultural Sector

Our agricultural sector knowledge stems from a senior consultant who has worked in the area for over 30 years. Right from the beginning when major players like Al Marai were established through to the present day with the vast array of competitors, we understand Saudi agriculture.