What is the Manpower Service?

AEI works with a number of Western companies as a manpower provider. As such, AEI is subcontracted to provide, on a turn-key basis, a work package encompassing the supply of an agreed number of personnel.

In some cases, AEI may be part of the initial bid team that has submitted a proposal to the Saudi customer with a defined role and scope; in others, AEI is simply a subcontractor in the supply chain.

What sort of manpower can AEI provide?

Essentially AEI can provide any manpower that may be required but typically we focus on the provision of Western expatriate or Saudi National manpower on a turn-key basis. We currently supply Western prime contractors with a broad range of resource from Bid Managers to Site Managers.

What does ‘turn-key basis’ mean?

In the Saudi manpower context, ‘turn-key basis’ means that there is no dependency on the foreign company for the provision of visas, accommodation, payroll, medical insurance and so forth; you just tell us what resource you want, where and when you want it and we will take care of everything else.

How much does it cost?

Obviously the provision of manpower requires a bespoke proposal to be submitted based on resource requirements, location, duration and any other special requirements.