What is the benefit of the Sponsorship Service?

The purpose of the AEI Sponsorship Service is simple: we allow you to have dedicated, full time staff on the ground in Saudi without having your own Commercial Registration or having an exclusive agent or partner.

How does it work?

AEI will help you through the recruitment process from advising on appropriate salaries through to screening candidates.

Once you have made your choice we will transfer the candidate to our sponsorship and we will take care of all the administrative tasks such as payroll, medical insurance, Saudisation and other tasks that only Saudi registered companies can do.

How much does it cost?

We put in place a binding Sponsorship Service agreement between you and AEI which sets out clearly all the terms and conditions. We charge a fixed, monthly fee and have a clear approach to handling other costs such as employee expenses or family costs like school or medical fees. Our price list provides details of the monthly fee.

Do I have to work exclusively with AEI?

No, we never lock anyone in through restrictive exclusivity conditions for our Sponsorship Service – it is a service after all and we will release the employee as and when you request.