Signs of Success at Dubai Intersec

AEI is delighted to announce our largest contract to date signed by all parties during the Dubai Intersec 2013 exhibition. This contract adds to the handful already commenced by AEI within our first quarter of operation. After just a few weeks of discussion our new client signed a rolling contract with AEI for the provision…
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AEI Opens “Virtual Office”

AEI is pleased to announce the launch of a new service for our clients, the Virtual Office. The Virtual Office is complementary to the Enterprise Incubator and encompasses the provision of a dedicated Saudi phone number for your company with a scripted answering service in both English and Arabic as well as your branded business…
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AEI Sponsor IFSEC Lanyards

AEI have taken the opportunity to sponsor the lanyards of all exhibitors and attendees of the IFSEC OSH Arabia conference to be held at the Riyadh Exhibition Centre Dec 9th – 11th 2012.

Head Count Grows

AEI’s second founder director officially joins the company full time. Not a moment too soon, as AEI signs two further contracts with two more clients. The first a one off bid support exercise for a large scale submission in the Kingdom. The second some basic life support items for a client making their first tentative…
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AEI CR and Logo Created

AEI’s Saudi Commercial Registration is confirmed and the Chamber of Commerce certificate issued. The distinctive brand is created and within our first week of trading AEI has landed its first client and signed contract. We have been set a short term assignment performing market research, life support for a few months and an exercise to…
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AEI is Born!

Arabian Enterprise Incubators starts with one member of full time staff from a shared office near the Kingdom tower. The office has been selected for its convenient location in the centre of the city, ample parking, adjacent accommodation and also because there is an unoccupied office next door that is even larger – insha’Allah, soon…
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