Did you get that job in Saudi?

Congratulations from the AEI team; now let us help you get going in the magic Kingdom.

It can be daunting to move to any country but Saudi is certainly more challenging than most. AEI has developed a service for Western Expatriates moving to Saudi and whose employers are providing only limited redeployment assistance.

For a fixed monthly fee we will take care of you for your first month or two in Riyadh – we will meet you at the airport, give you somewhere comfortable to stay, feed you and support you in any way we can; from helping you with your bank account or setting up a Saudi mobile to buying a car and finding somewhere to live.

At The Residencies you will meet many friendly faces and gain an instant social network. You will have some stability to allow you to get to know the place whilst you wait for your Iqama (residency permit) to be issued and before you make any important commitment, such as where to live or whether to bring family over to join you.


“My company offered me an allowance for my accommodation and having never been to Riyadh before I had planned to camp out in a hotel for a month or so and then I saw AEI on the Internations website. Stuart, Adam and the team have really made my move to Saudi as painless as possible and after two months I will be sorry to leave the Residency – I certainly have made some good friends as well as got a head start on local networking for my new role.

In fact I’ve decided to get a house share with one of the other AEI soft landing clients. An excellent service and I thoroughly recommend it.”

– John McLean, Senior Project Manager, Al Elm (LinkedIn)

“I’ve lived in Saudi previously but on a compound and this time my new company asked me to find my own place. Obviously living space is very important and I found it very difficult to commit to something based just on internet adverts. Then I gave Adam a call and since then my first few months in Saudi have been relatively pain free.

The Residency is an ideal base – many interesting people passing through as well as other longer term expats who have plenty of good advice to give.”

– Ed Adey, Risk Director, Saudi Parsons (LinkedIn)