Why use the AEI Procurement Service?Saudi Procurement

Procurement in Saudi can be difficult, in some cases even impossible if you are not a Saudi registered company; knowing where to go, who to speak to, what the market price is and even making payment can be fraught with issues and risk for foreign companies.

AEI has a dedicated team to help our clients’ service needs on the ground. Our experienced buyers and Saudi negotiators add real value in managing deliveries and logistics effectively.

We also have the administrative support to manage the following items:

  • Quotes
  • Purchase orders
  • Payments (including paying bills online for additional transparency)

What can we buy for you?

Anything that you need that can be compliantly sourced in the Kingdom. As a Saudi company, there are some things which AEI can provide much more easily and cost-effectively than a foreign company would be able to. These services, which we provide to a number of existing clients, include:

  • Vehicles
  • Office and accommodation leasing
  • Mobile phones (this case study provides a typical example)
  • Translation
  • Local printing services

We also get involved in more complex procurement, subcontractor management and importing equipment through Saudi customs.

How much does it cost?

We put in place a Procurement Service agreement between your company and AEI which sets out clearly the transparent and straight forward cost plus model we apply.