Several clients who have experienced our Executive Residencies or have used our Enterprise Incubator have asked us to replicate these facilities for the dedicated use of their companies.

Can you provide a facility for my company?

We have hence provided purpose built office and accommodation solutions around the country or occasionally sold access to our existing facilities wholesale. We are well placed to perform this activity as not only do we understand what quality Western service provision should be, but we are also intimately familiar with our market sector and hence know how to source good value properties, how to best deal with Saudi landlords and we have the well defined job descriptions and processes that allow us to populate the facilities with exactly the right staff.

What is the lead time?

Clearly this is a procurement effort of considerable scale and complexity, hence a typical lead time for an entire new facility can be up to 4 months. However we provide a number of flexible options regards the procurement approach and pricing. These options range from cost plus to fixed rate, per person, per month based on a 6 month up front payment. We work with you to ensure that the solution matches your needs and on a pricing model that satisfies your Saudi business needs.