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Turquoise Mountain

Bringing a King’s business to the Kingdom

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Getting started in the Kingdom depends on insight, contacts and experience. When Turquoise Mountain wanted to establish a compliant footprint in Saudi Arabia, the company founded by HRH King Charles III chose AEI.

We pride ourselves on having a team that’s answered every FAQ we can think of around Saudi set-up. We’re the trusted, experienced interface between local systems and your own objectives, typical constraints and multiple stakeholders.


Clients often approach us on a ‘get us to day one’ basis. But we also help organisations to work through multiple scenarios, exploring the possibilities to find out whether or not a Saudi establishment is the right choice.


Key drivers in that journey include the need to pay Saudi VAT or provision staff with Iqamas. Knowing the knock-on consequences of each decision can make the difference between pursuing a Saudi registration straight away or putting Saudi market ambitions on hold for a while.


Entity establishment is complex in the Kingdom. It needs familiarity with costs, processes, and the consequences of every decision. From Turquoise Mountain to large multinationals like Johnson Matthey, we’ve helped many organisations to create, adjust and even demobilise their Saudi commercial registration. 

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  • Expertise that clearly explains all the costs, pros and cons, and optimal routes to achieve local registration.

  • Market entry services that grow as you do, with localisation that includes interim operating models until you’re ready for full entry into Saudi.

  • A ‘no surprises’ philosophy, which gives you total confidence you’ll be pro-actively kept in the loop at all times.

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Start your journey to Saudi Arabia with AEI

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