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Experts in Saudi Success:


The Saudi market can be opaque. We help you decide if Saudi is right for you and, if so, how best to approach the market. We then provide continuous insight so you always stay one step ahead.


From accommodation to visas, our cost effective, pay-per-month business support services allow you to rapidly set up, operate and focus on your core business in the Kingdom without distraction.


Putting 'boots on the ground' can be complex in the Kingdom. Our Manpower Services allow you to quickly deploy staff in the market, even before you have created your own Saudi entity.


"We hadn’t seriously considered the Saudi market before meeting AEI Saudi. We thought it would be too difficult hence too expensive. However they made winning our first orders there simple and fast."

Dave Pullen, BeaverFit

AEI Saudi saw the potential of BeaverFit products in Saudi. We were soon supporting them to Arabise their brochures and our dedicated Arabic speaking sales staff were finding them sales. We supported their first Saudi shipments and now distribute their repeat orders throughout the Kingdom.

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"The British Embassy recommended us to AEI and we are very pleased that they did. The support so far has been excellent and we look forward to a growing relationship over the coming years."

James Heron, Network Rail Consulting

In 2017 AEI began running a managed vehicle service for Network Rail Consulting, including new 4x4s, uniformed drivers and a 24/7 dispatch service. This was followed soon after by a compound management service and procurement services for all NRC employees in KSA.

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Week 38 – News Update from the Kingdom

Oil prices have risen by the largest amount ever after an attack on Saudi oil facilities halted the production of 5.7 million barrels a day. The Saudi authorities have announced that they plan to restore at least two million barrels of production by the end of Monday. In other news, according to data released by…
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Week 37 – News Update from the Kingdom

Saudi Arabia’s King Salman issued a royal decree replacing the previous energy minister, Khalid al-Falih with one of the King’s sons. Khalid’s replacement is Prince Abdulaziz bin Salman, who has a lifetime of experience in the energy sector and has held senior roles in the energy ministry for more than three decades. In other news,…
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