AEI operates on a low cost, high value basis for our clients. This leads to high volumes of work meaning we can further leverage economies of scale and again improve our market beating prices to ensure client satisfaction through clear and demonstrable value for money.

Hence our prices, from essential life support services to more sophisticated strategy consultancy are the best available in the market often beating similar offerings from substantially inferior providers.

Price list.

Our Price List contains details of all our standard life support services.

Advanced services.

We provide a number of more complex, tailored services. These services from our Hosted Market Visits to our Market Intelligence are priced on request.

All our proposals provide line by line, quantity based quotations allowing our clients to pick and choose options as required. This is also useful to more easily evaluate our value for money and indeed we have been through several foreign government value assurance exercises including a US Government foreign military assistance value audit.

Commission sales support.

We are often asked to support clients with their Saudi sales on a commission only basis. However we are not a Saudi ‘sales agent’. Sales commissions directly affect end user pricing or force suppliers to give away revenue to third parties that add no value to their delivery. We believe in a new Saudi way, hence we rarely accept commission only requests.