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Support Services in Saudi

As a long-standing Support Services Partner to both Governments and companies, we have a menu of proven, turnkey life support solutions to enable project delivery in Saudi. We also work with clients to develop bespoke solutions to meet diverse project requirements across the Kingdom.

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Accommodation Services

AEI offers turnkey accommodation services across the Kingdom. Whether on our compounds and residencies or managing a third-party provider, AEI is trusted to manage requirements to ensure value for money and quality housing for project teams.

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Transport Services

We provide a range of transport and fleet management services across the Kingdom from vehicles on a self-drive basis to the provision of a Managed Transport Service with drivers, vehicles and dispatchers to serve the needs of a project team.

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Procurement Services

From SIM cards and office supplies to PPE and medical services, our agile and responsive procurement function ensures value for money and compliant local purchasing.

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