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Establishing your business in Saudi

The direction of travel under ‘Vision 2030’ is clear: to do business in Saudi you need to be registered in Saudi. Companies that can demonstrate their commitment to the Saudi market and the requirements of ‘Saudization’ are ideally placed to achieve success.

  • The AEI Incubator concept was a first for Saudi Arabia back in 2014 and provides the perfect soft landing for international businesses, particularly during the early stages of entering the Saudi marketplace.

    • Serviced office space

    • Flexible monthly services

  • Registering an entity in Saudi Arabia can be difficult and time consuming. Therefore it’s essential to have local, informed and professional support throughout the registration process.

    • Phase 1 – MISA - Licence / MOC – Commercial Registration / COC - Registration

    • Phase 2 – General Manager Visa, Secondary Licensing, E Govt Portal registration, Office Lease, Tax Registration, Corporate Medical Insurance

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Start your journey to Saudi Arabia with AEI

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