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People Services in Saudi

The Saudi labour market is highly regulated, and many companies find navigating the dynamic rules and regulations a challenge.

As a resource partner, AEI is trusted by companies and governments to source, employ and support expatriates and Saudi nationals in full compliance with Saudi labour law and other regulations.

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Resource planning in Saudi

From Saudization to deployment of expats in the Kingdom, AEI has various workforce solutions for your business to be compliant, resilient and successful.

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Employment & Payroll Services

Running a payroll and employing staff compliantly requires a sound understanding of applicable rules and regulations which can change frequently and without notice. We provide payroll and staff outsourcing solutions for clients delivering projects in Saudi Arabia.

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HR Consultancy

Effective resource planning and understanding the regulatory environment is crucial for project success. We work with clients in advance of project delivery to help mitigate risk and plan effectively for deployment and employment of personnel in the Kingdom.

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Saudization refers to the Saudi government policy for the mandatory employment and development of Saudi national employees. We help our clients to understand their liabilities, to plan effectively for the recruitment and retention of Saudi nationals in a sustainable and value for money way.

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Start your journey to Saudi Arabia with AEI

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