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Enter the Kingdom

Making an informed decision to do business in Saudi Arabia is vital. The marketplace is ripe with opportunity but understanding the challenges and mitigating the risks is key to success for any new investor.

AEI is trusted by several foreign governments to be their partner, enabling exporters to overcome these challenges and deliver successfully in Saudi Arabia.

  • Our consultancy team has decades of combined experience and expertise spanning all sectors, and a proven track record of enabling businesses to identify and capitalise on opportunities.


    From determining an optimum operating model to finding an appropriate distributor, our reliable team of experts accelerates your ability to enter the Saudi market in a low-cost and low-risk way.

  • Identifying opportunities and challenges is key to planning. A Market Accessibility Report helps you to understand the marketplace before committing significant resources.

  • Containing in-depth analysis, the Route to Market Strategy gives all stakeholders the comfort of a detailed, justified plan with milestones and financials.

  • Successful relationships require presence, starting with meeting prospective customers or partners face-to-face. A Hosted Market Visit removes the stress of your first Saudi trip, allowing you to concentrate on the all-important first impression.

  • Through our government and private partnerships, we provide all consulting and logistical support to expedite market entry of multiple exporters.

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Start your journey to Saudi Arabia with AEI

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