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Corporate Services in Saudi

Setting up your business or exporting to Saudi Arabia can be a difficult and challenging process. Our Corporate Services team enable and accelerate compliant company registrations and market entry activities.

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We’re already trusted as a commercial delivery partner for several foreign governments and many large corporates.


From market research to distributor identification, our team can help you to plan a Saudi market entry strategy and identify the optimum operating model.

As the regulatory environment in the Kingdom matures, foreign businesses must consider having a Saudi-registered entity – but that’s a complex process.


We provide an end-to-end entity registration service. We can also help you to decide whether or not Saudi is the right choice – enabling your business to move smoothly through what can be a complicated planning process with multiple stakeholders in many countries.

We see ourselves as the springboard for your success, and our finance implementation and administration, back office, incubator office space all provide you with resilience meaning you can accelerate quickly.


Establishment of a business in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is complex, so we will be there to ensure your ongoing compliance with Saudi regulations and successful, day-to-day operations. With AEI, you are robust, one step ahead and ready for growth in the Saudi market.

It may be a surprise, but actually, the first question is often "should I set up a business in Saudi?" We can help you find the answer, and achieve ongoing success when you do move to the Kingdom.

“How to set up a business in Saudi?”

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Start your journey to Saudi Arabia with AEI

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