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Expanding your business in Saudi

Our portfolio of services allows our clients to not only maintain their legal presence in the Kingdom from a compliance perspective but also to ensure the entity is optimised and ready for growth in the future.

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  • For over 10 years AEI has been accruing tactical and practical experience in Saudi related to business process, outsourcing and managed compliance services. We are therefore ideally positioned to support your team to successfully deliver your business model in the Kingdom.


    Driven by a comprehensive digital transformation, the KSA government offers the majority of its services through online Portals. The AEI Saudi Back-Office Service is designed to remove any ambiguity or frictions from day one, enabling your business a rapid transition to steady state operations.


    AEI Saudi will appoint a dedicated Key Account Manager who will look after all your regulatory needs on the key government portals. The benefits of having a single AEI point of contact with reach into our dedicated Government Relations Office (GRO) and HR teams cannot be underestimated. This is a low cost, low risk approach to your business compliance needs.


    The core Back-Office Services include:

    • Renewal of Portals and Certificates

    • Managing Entity Portals

    • HR / immigration / government relations support

  • In 2024 the AEI Incubator continues to provide the perfect introduction to Saudi Arabia for international businesses of all sizes and from any sector. This can be with or without your Commercial Registration.

    The AEI Incubator was an entirely new concept to the Kingdom in 2014. Since then, we have assisted dozens of international companies, from Start-ups to SMES and corporates, enabling a ‘soft landing’ or ‘scale up’ where applicable.

    With various options to choose from, the serviced office space is tailored to meet all business needs. Whether a private office, co-working space or virtual office, AEI has the solution.


    If your business is in the early stages of development or looking to expand, the AEI incubator is ideal at providing the convenience and flexibility of a fully managed office environment. The office space is fully furnished with the addition of admin support, internet and teleconferencing facilities to kitchenettes and lounge areas. With flexible leasing options and a convenient location, the space is ideal for a low-cost low risk model for international businesses entering the KSA market.


    Contact AEI Saudi today to learn more about our Incubator Services.

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