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Welcoming UK Business Leaders to KSA

As an Official Supporter of GREAT FUTURES 2024, our team is on hand to make sure hundreds of UK business leaders get the most from this flagship event in Riyadh, on 14-15 May. 

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Watch our webinar to find out what to expect culturally on arrival and how to prepare to be commercially successful in Saudi Arabia.

Do reach out to us if there's anything you'd like to know about the services we'll be providing for UK delegates during GREAT FUTURES 2024. We're on hand to answer any questions or queries you may have about your time here in Saudi, and your opportunities to develop new business in the Kingdom.

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Saudi success

AEI Saudi enables organisations and businesses in every sector to enter the Kingdom, establish commercial entities, and then expand with total confidence - supported by exceptional, people-focused services.

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End to end support

We've already delivered success for over 2,000 clients in the Kingdom. Everything from incorporation to back office, visas to payroll, and transport to accommodation. We provide mobilisation strategies and end-to-end project solutions. At GREAT FUTURES 2024, we are on hand to discuss your needs as a UK investor in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

We understand the huge amount of potential being nurtured at an event like this, as an inspiring cohort of business leaders comes together. We also know the importance of having the right team on the ground. From first contact to first contract, AEI Saudi accelerates market entry and success by providing the widest range of corporate support services, all essential for any new business endeavour to form and then flourish in the Kingdom.


This is a flagship event for the UK Department for Business & Trade. GREAT brings innovators together, sowing the seeds for business creativity and enabling leaders to make rapid, strong connections with new commercial partners.

Over the coming years, Saudi Arabia will invest billions in everything from R&D to healthcare, sports, renewables, a tourist industry, fintech, and AI. In particular, the ambition is to achieve recognition as a Top 5 tourist destination. The opportunities for UK business leaders are immense, which is why GREAT FUTURES is such an exciting event for ambitious and forward-thinking organisations.

As a 300+ strong UK delegation lands in Riyadh, this 12-month campaign will put the spotlight on UK expertise and capability in sectors that support Vision 2030 - the plan to transform the Kingdom’s economy and develop industries of the future through $3trn investment across a range of sectors.

We look forward to welcoming delegates to GREAT FUTURES 2024, and our team will be on hand to help everyone get the most from this exciting event - expanding commercial horizons, and exploring one of the world's fastest-growing markets.

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Start your journey to Saudi Arabia with AEI

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