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Engaging for Engage Works

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When Engage Works wanted to expand in Saudi, their priorities were clear - speed and a smooth entry into the Kingdom. But the intricacies of set-up can make this challenging, if you're not well-acquainted with ground operations in KSA. That's where AEI steps in.

Already well-established in the UK, Engage Works is a creative agency that thrives on delivering inspiring results. That may be through new technologies in experiential marketing, or developing something that's breath-taking and bespoke from start to finish. Momentum comes naturally, but speed of delivery in their expansion to Saudi was a key aspect for  AEI to focus on.

Alex McCuaig, Strategy Director for Engage Works: "We wanted a partner that could handle the widest range of services, everything from visas for our first visits to accommodation and transport for our team, once we were all settled. When you're a business like ours, you want to keep the number of suppliers you have to a minimum - streamlining what you have to manage - but at the same time, you want to be stress-free—working with people who'll take care of the red tape because they know it inside out. We do creative, and that's what we want to keep our eyes on. This is all about trust, and the scope and range of services. AEI stepped up and delivered everything we needed for a smooth move, Kingdom to Kingdom."

Engage Works talked at length about their commercial expansion and set-up experience at the 'Thrive in Saudi' forum, in July 2024. McCuaig shared the stage with our CEO, Mickey Stewart, and Graham Ellis - the Middle East Specialist for the UK Department of Business and Trade - to highlight the wealth of opportunities in Saudi right now, but also the importance of being best-prepared to take advantage of them.

Mickey: "Market entry in Saudi Arabia requires detailed planning. We recommend the creative industries, the sports and tourism sectors, and technology firms take the advice and tactical counsel from those in the know when landing and expanding into Saudi Arabia. That's where we come in. We're the behind-the-scenes, one-stop shop, delivering the mechanics of a fully compliant set-up and empowering organisations like EngageWorks to hit the ground running."

With Vision 2030 in mind, business leaders in KSA have a voracious appetite for partnering with firms like Engage Works. Getting fresh insights from the UK and building relationships that underpin global trade with innovative, new approaches to marketing - we're delighted to have supported Alex McCuaig and his team. These are the services we provided for EngageWorks:

·       Incorporation

·       Tax registration, E-Government management, Corporate bank account

·       Registered Office



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