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Full service delivery in Saudi for EDOs

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It’s quite a challenge, getting to grips with the evolving legal, financial and cultural complexities of Saudi Arabia. We help governments and government Economic Development Organisations (EDOs) to get a clear view of the market and find out how to be successful in the Kingdom.

What we can do for you

In 2016, the British Government made AEI its exclusive local partner for British companies requiring market entry advice – we’re the trusted experts in Saudi.


Combined, AEI’s senior management team has more than a century of business experience in Saudi Arabia. From board members who’ve built multimillion SAR companies to expat staff who’ve working with us for several decades – we know the answers to all the FAQs, and we also know how to avoid mistakes and unnecessary costs.


Our collective Saudi business knowledge is exceptional (if we do say so ourselves). Our networks connect every sector, and we’ve been delivering service propositions that turbocharge foreign investment in the region.


It also means we’re ideally placed to deliver valuable Market Insight Reports and our Hosted Market Visits. These lead naturally into considerations of our support services such as transport, turnkey accommodation and essentials such as visit visas and people support services.


In 2017 we were also awarded our first contract from the United States when the state of Virginia chose us as their Saudi market entry partner. Invest Northern Ireland now consider us their first port of call. To date, we have worked with over 2,000 companies and EDOs from over 44 countries. 

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  • AEI selected by multiple foreign government trade services teams to support their client companies entering the Saudi market.

  • Over 2,000 companies have now been supported by AEI in Saudi Arabia, the majority of these foreign and new to the Kingdom.

  • Propositions that expedite Saudi market entry with appropriate routes from local partnership to full Saudi entity establishment.


AEI have directly impacted and increased the number of foreign companies choosing to enter and work in Saudi Arabia.  

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